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AdvanConn Column Socket

Building owners are demanding column sockets! The industry’s only OSHA-compliant column socket, this quality AdvanConn® product eliminates the traditional “diamond box-out” cut in the concrete slab for steel columns. The AdvanConn® Column Socket can accommodate any steel column size – tube or wide flange – and is set 3/8” below grade for uninterrupted screeding and finishing operations. Steel caps are available.

The Column Socket not only saves time and money, it removes a safety hazard from slab-on-grade concrete floor construction. Installing the Column Socket saves structural steel layout and erection time because the column base plates are already located and anchored to the foundation. 

Column Socket Features

  • Eliminates the traditional column “diamond box-out” form work
  • Provides uninterrupted screeding and finishing operations 
  • Eliminates concrete placement and finishing by hand of every column location
  • Provides a more uniform, blemish-free concrete floor surface
  • Removes a safety hazard for workers, equipment and vehicles
  • Speeds steel erection

Safety Assured

  • Exclusively OSHA-compliant with code #1926.755 (A) (2)
  • Eliminates trip and fall hazard
  • Removes damage exposure to equipment and vehicles

Secure Connection

  • Eliminates the “diamond box” cut in the concrete slab for steel columns.

  • Saves structural steel layout and erection time

  • Ends unsightly gaps that create trip hazards and add labor to the finishing process. 

  • The industry’s only OSHA-compliant column socket

  • Custom made for any size column




Maintain a minimum of 12” elevation difference between top of column foundation and finished floor elevation. Be advised to notify the steel fabricator not to include the base plate or the welding of the base plate in the proposal. AdvanConn provides the engineer’s specified base plate with the column socket.


Columns must not be left free-standing during erection. AdvanConn® Column Sockets are not designed to stabilize free-standing columns during steel erection. When columns are set, they should be secured to and supported by primary and secondary framing members. Or, temporary bracing should be provided, as directed by OSHA, in code #1926.755 (A) (2).