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The AdvanConn® Story

AdvanConn Made in the USA

With the construction industry facing a critical shortage of skilled labor, competent welders are harder than ever to find. That’s why AdvanConn® has created a series of shop-welded connection devices that eliminate welding in the field, speed construction and reduce the need for skilled labor on-site. In our state-of-the-art welding shop, our talented team – including two robotic welders – makes expert connection products, which are tested to the highest standards, for the precast concrete industry.

AdvanConn Products


TheAdvanConn® PC-10 is the industry standard for weldless panel-to-foundation connections.


The AdvanConn® PA-EX is the low-profile precast panel-to-foundation connection galvanized for exterior use.

SC-10k – Shear Connection

The AdvanConn® Shear Connector, SC-10k, is a weldless panel-to-panel shear connection device.


  • “Great, innovative products that just make sense!”

    Mark Stroupe
    Ram Tool
  • “It’s impossible to hire enough qualified people to the current work completed. I am constantly looking for labor-saving products. Column Sockets are one of the products I utilize to do just that. They save me time and money.”

    AdvanConn Testimonials - Larry Wilderotter
    Larry Wilderotter
    Bedrock Concrete (Sayreville, NJ)
  • “The PC-10 panel-to-footing connector is much more efficient and cost effective when compared to our previous system. ALD saves labor dollars and critical time during installation by eliminating field welding and providing a ‘stand-up’ installation procedure.”

    Mark Lookabaugh
    ALD Precast Corp. (Columbus, OH)
  • “We estimate by using the Column Sockets we save labor hours for every column.”

    Marcus Goss
    Goss Foundations (Altamonte Springs, FL)