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PC-10 - AdvanConn
Installs in minutes
Fully tested
No field welding
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PC-10 Precast Concrete Wall Panel Anchor

The patented AdvanConn® PC-10 is an innovative connection device that eliminates field welding.

Field-tested and patented, the PC-10 is safe, installs in minutes, eliminates the necessity for expensive skilled labor (welders), and is the perfect component for connecting precast concrete wall panels to foundations. The PC-10 satisfies all American Concrete Institute (ACI) ACI 318-14, code requirements to provide a minimum 10,000 pounds tension connection between concrete wall panels and foundations. Tested to 17,200 lbs; a Safety Factor of 1.7.

See how quickly and easily it installs

PC-10 Features

  • Simple installation
  • No field welding needed
  • No special installation skills required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Provides a clean finished appearance
  • Quick, positive visual inspections
  • Connection INSIDE. No exposure to corrosion
  • Tested to 1.7 times (17,200 lbs) code-required 10,000 lbs tensile capacity
  • Supplied with Simpson 3/4 X 8½ Titen HD Concrete Anchor

Safety Assured

  • During full-scale testing, the PC-10 exceeded the code-required tensile load of 10,000 lbs by a factor of 1.7!
  • Satisfies Seismic Design Capacities (SDC) “A” through “F”.
  • Reduced eccentricity ­– load transfer path closer to the neutral axis of the panel.
  • Narrower grade beams – Anchors centered in foundation meeting edge distance requirements for drill-in anchors.
  • Reduces engineer’s risk – concrete anchor installed within 6 degrees of perpendicular as specified by ACI 355.2 pull-out test criteria.

Secure Connection


  • No welding required
  • Average installation time is 2 minutes
  • Installed immediately behind panel erection as the crane is repositioned
  • Easy to inspect




To prevent obstructions when drilling concrete anchors, avoid placement of top resteel in panel foundation area directly beneath panel.


If precast panels are to be erected after the floor slab (SOG) is in place and the edge of the slab is within 3” of the inside face of the panel use of the PC-10 will be severely restricted. Further, if the precast panels are intended to be relocated in a future building expansion, it is recommended that the PC-10 not be specified. In either of these circumstances, we strongly recommend specifying the AdvanConn PA-12. Please contact AdvanConn directly for further information.