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TheAdvanConn® PC-10 is the industry standard for weldless panel-to-foundation connections.


The AdvanConn® PA-EX is the low-profile precast panel-to-foundation connection galvanized for exterior use.

SC-10k – Shear Connection

The AdvanConn® Shear Connector, SC-10k, is a weldless panel-to-panel shear connection device.

Column Socket

TheAdvanConn® OSHA-compliant Column Socket improves floor slab quality and speeds steel erection.

PA-12 & PA-18

The AdvanConn® PA-12 and PA-18 weldless panel-to-foundation connections are specified when floor slab is cast before panel erection.

Helical Brace Anchor

The AdvanConn® Helical Brace Anchor provides a structurally tested, safe, efficient anchor-to-wall brace connection.

V Chamber

The AdvanConn® V Chamber provides a secure weldless mechanical connection for the erection of structural steel to precast concrete panels.