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No field welding
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The PA-EX Connection

The patented AdvanConn® PA-EX is a low-profile concrete panel-to-foundation connection device that exceeds ACI 318-14,  code requirements to resist 10,000-pound tension loads. Tested to 18,000 lbs; a Safety Factor of 1.8. 

The PA-EX is fully galvanized for exterior panel installation. This device is frequently installed with a threaded rod and epoxy and can be used in high seismic zones. Just four inches of the device is exposed above the bottom of the concrete panel and is easily concealed with pavement or landscaping. As with all AdvanConn® products, the PA-EX requires no field welding.

PA-EX Features

  • Simple installation
  • No field welding
  • No special installation skills required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Provides a clean finished appearance
  • Quick, positive visual inspections
  • Fully Galvanized for exterior application, no patching required
  • Tested to 1.8 times (18,000 lbs) code required 10,000 lbs tensile capacity
  • Provided with the threaded rod (but not the epoxy)

Safety Assured

  • During recent full-scale testing, the PA-EX exceeded the code-required tensile load of 10,000 lbs by a factor of 1.8!
  • Reduced eccentricity ­– load transfer path closer to the neutral axis of the panel 




NOTE to Engineers: Please see attached TORQ-CUT bolt example combined stress calculations for applications of the bolt greater than 6 degrees out-of-plumb.
NOTE: SIMPSON TORQ-CUT BOLT – For exterior applications, manufacturer recommends corrosion protection material be applied to exposed portion of the bolt.
NOTE: While a threaded rod and epoxy are frequently specified, the means of fastening the PA-EX to the foundation is left to the professional judgement of the Engineer of Record.
CAUTION: To prevent obstructions when drilling concrete anchors, avoid placement of top resteel in panel foundation area directly beneath panel.