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The Shop-Welded Advantage

One of the biggest benefits of precast concrete construction is the controlled environment and enhanced QC that comes from manufacturing concrete in a plant environment. It’s the same with welding. On construction sites, welding of critical connections can be of inconsistent quality and difficult to inspect. Shop welding, in a controlled physical environment with diligent supervision, quality control procedures and multiple inspections, ensures welded components meet the strictest specifications.

  • Eliminates in-field welding
  • Speeds construction
  • Reduces need for skilled labor on-site

Our Story

With the construction industry facing a critical shortage of skilled labor, competent welders are harder than ever to find. In fact, by 2024, the industry will be 400,000 welders short of the demand. That’s why AdvanConn® has created a series of shop-welded connect devices that eliminate welding in the field, speed construction and reduce the need for skilled labor on-site. In our state-of-the-art welding shop, our talented team (including a robot welder) makes expert connection products, tested to the highest standards, for the precast concrete industry.

AdvanConn® co-founders Bob Foley and Terry Tincher have combined their 70-plus years of experience in structural engineering, steel fabrication/erection and business ownership to introduce these innovative, engineered connection devices. Bob and Terry had one goal in mind when they created AdvanConn®: let precasters do what precasters do best – produce awesome concrete structures!

The AdvanConn® Team

Bob Foley, Founder

Bob Foley

AdvanConn - Terry Tincher

Terry Tincher