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HBA: The Helical Brace Anchor Connection System

Designed to eliminate the troublesome need to remove the shoe on temporary wall braces when connecting to helical ground anchors, the patented AdvanConn® Helical Brace Anchor (HBA) makes the connection safely and efficiently.

Due to long-term exposure to weather and job site conditions, brace shoes can be difficult to remove from the wall brace and once removed are frequently lost. The HBA provides a simple solution to this costly problem and affords a greater degree of flexibility when aligning the connection of the brace and helical anchor. Tested to 23,000 pounds ultimate tensile capacity and subjected to more than 1 million load cycles, the HBA provides a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution to the challenges of making the helical anchor-to-wall brace connection.

HBA Wall Brace Features

Simple Installation

  • Eliminates brace shoe removal and lost shoes
  • Flexible connection alignment

Safety Assured

  • Tested to 23,000 pounds ultimate tensile load
  • Lab tested to more than 1,000,000 cycles
  • Safe working load is 12,000 pounds

Secure Connection

  • Aligns brace with helical shaft
  • Reduces tension load on bolt by half

NOTE: Connection configuration shown is for a Dayton Superior shoe #122514 (“Heavy Duty Shoe”) 12 K Brace shoe. Connection can be designed to accommodate most brace shoes.




Note: The AdvanConn® HB can readily be custom designed and fabricated to accommodate any brace shoe configuration.